Our Story


Cbdoilsnow.com is home to one of the most beautiful states; Colorado, nestled at the base of the Rocky mountain region. Here in Colorado, is where the synergistic relationship of mind, body and soul meets. Cbdoilsnow.com was started with the pure intention of helping others through studying pharmacology and natural remedies.

A little about the founder of Cbdoilsnow.com:

*Medical Assistant with training in Family Medicine, Pharmacology, and Natural remedies in Seattle, WA.

*Dedicated to helping people every day through love, caring, improving information with education and innovation.

*Work with the leaders in the medical and world hemp marketplace to bring superior hemp consumable products to you with laboratory tested and verified quality products through 3rd party lab testing. When the founder studied pharmacology, and encountered many things that went against morals and ethical beliefs. Then went on to study natural remedies and came upon the many benefits and needs of hemp.

Why hemp CBD? Because, it is one of the few organic compounds found, which offers so many levels of medicinal aids and goes far back for centuries being known as a natural cure for ailments and has not been found to cause other symptoms. Hemp is Federally legal in all 50 states, since it is hemp-extracted oil.